Snark chromatic tuners

One of the best tuners we have yet found. The Snark is an automatic tuner with built in microphone, that senses and displays the notes as you tune. But the real differences over other tuners are the spring clip and the built in vibration sensor.
With the Snark clipped to your instrument, the vibration sensor picks up the vibrations from your own instrument, and enables you to tune. The advantage here is that it does not use the microphone, so no matter how noisy your surroundings are, you can easily and quickly check your tuning. The display is adjustable for angle and rotation, so is easy to see whether you have the tuner clipped to the tailpiece, bridge or scroll.


  • Small enough to easily fit in the pocket of your case

  • Display easy to read, even in the dark

  • Built in microphone

  • Built in vibration sensor

  • Adjustable display angle

  • Can be clipped to the instrument

  • Attached and removed in seconds










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