Rosin and accessories

We stock a large range of rosins from all the major manufacturers including Pirastro, Hill, Artcraft, Bernadel, Hidersine, Kolstein, Nyman, Pops and Dominant etc.
We also have premium handmade rosins by Andrea, Poullot and Melos.

For violin and viola we have an extensive selection of chinrest models which are available in ebony, rosewood and boxwood.
Shoulder rests by Kun, Wolf, Bonmusica, Viva, Mach One, Play On Air, Resonans and Augustin. For the popular rests we stock replacement parts such as rubber feet, extra long legs etc.

For cello and bass we have several different endpin rests and anchors to choose from, such as Stoppin, Black Hole, Viva, and Xeros.
Wolf note eliminators are a useful solution to help get rid of problem notes. Both on string and internal eliminators are available. If you need any advice on which solution may work best for you, we are always happy to assist.

A variety of orchestral mutes are stocked as well as practice mutes.

We also have an enormous array of general accessorioes in the shop, such as music stands, music stand lights, instrument stands, humidifiers by Dampit and Stretto, instrument cleaners, string cleaners, hygrometers, peg paste, bow cases, double bass quivers, metronomes, tuners and music cases.









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