R.A.T. Stands

British made R.A.T. stands are used by professional musicians the world over. You will find them in all major concert halls, theatres and recording studios. The are simply the best you can get, the designs are extremely practical and they are very easy to set up.
An enormous array of accessories are available to customise your stand, from pencil trays, windblockers to stop your pages blowing when playing outdoors, 240v lights, shelves, gooseneck microphones and instrument holders.


Jazz Stand
Assemble from flat to standing in just three moves, it's ready to use in under 5 seconds. No knobs, no finger traps, no hassle. You really have to see how it works to realise just how amazing it is!
The base can be unfolded pointing towards or away from the musician. Pointing the base away enables the stand to get right up to the chair of the player in front. This configuration is also more suitable for cellists and useful when space is limited. The jazz stand also features a full size music tray with pencil shelf.
Height adjustable from 40 - 120 cm. Weight 3.2kg



Concert Stand
The Concert stands blend of natural wood and slender metal gives it a stylish appearance. Assembly is similarly quick to the jazz stand. The tripod base has rubber feet which remain stable on uneven floors, the base is also nylon coated for ultimate durability. The desk is made from birch with a light coloured lacquer finish.
Column height and desk angle are fully adjustable, with no knobs to fiddle with or lose. The desk is 50cm wide.
Height adjustable from 68 - 138 cm. Weight 3.7kg





Tablet Stand
The stand assembles in just three movements, and features a tilt-able bracket which rotates, so you can view the tablet at any angle. As with the jazz stand, the base is reversible if space is at a premium.
The aluminium frame is coated in scratch resistant epoxy and features rubber feet. An interchangeable arm system accommodates different sized tablets. As standard, it can hold the iPad 2, 3 and 4th generation models, with further options available for Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Kindle. A bracket for securing the stand to the floor is also available as an extra.

Height of tablet adjustable between 40 and 137cm measured from the floor to the middle of the screen.
Weight of stand 2.1 kg. Size when folded: 51 x 38 x 5cm









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