Wittner fine tuning pegs

New to the market are fine tuning pegs made in Germany by Wittner.

The patented geared mechanism housed within the head offers quick and effortless tuning with no slipping.
The pegs can be retrofitted to any instrument.

In use the pegs have an amazingly light feel, the heads are very easy to turn even when the strings are at pitch, but due to the geared mechanism they will never slip.


  • The pegs eliminate wear on the pegbox as the shaft itself does not rotate, only the inner shaft moves.
  • Eliminates the need for fine tuners on the tailpiece, the 8.5:1 transmission ratio will enable you to tune perfectly from the pegs.
  • Ideal for students and those with reduced hand strength.
  • Sealed mechanism requires no maintenance.
  • Opens up the possibility of using a wooden tailpiece without tuners to enhance the tone of your instrument.
  • Made of a composite material, the pegs look very similar to Ebony.
We are able to offer these pegs ready fitted to student instruments.

To have a set fitted to your own instrument please contact us for a quote.









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